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Simon Hazel  Cellars

Refund, Exchange, and Cancellation Policy:

Simon Hazel Cellars strives to create and maintain an exceptional customer service experience while offering the finest products with the highest standards in quality. To ensure our customers receive the best possible quality in every purchase they make, we will either exchange, credit or refund a transaction where applicable within 48 hours of the original purchase. 
Alcohol products may not be returned for a monetary refund. Only exchanges are allowed for purchases of alcohol with valid ID and receipt; all other retai
l products and services are eligible for monetary refunds, provided necessary conditions are met. 


Item Spoiled or Corked:

If you have determined an item to be spoiled or corked after opening, you may return the item to the store within 48 hours of purchase for an identical replacement. If the item is no longer available, a Simon Hazel gift card will be issued. Do not pour the product out. 75% of the bottle's original contents is required to claim the item as spoiled or corked. If the bottle's closure type is cork, please also bring the cork with you at the time of the return. Wine purchased that is older than 10 years is not guaranteed in any way.

Appointments and Services:

All appointments and services require 50% deposit, to be paid upon booking the appointment, service, or reservation. The deposit will secure your appointment, date, and time. The remaining portion of the total amount due is to be paid upon completion of service, appointment, or reservation. 

If the customer cancels before the appointment, reservation, or service date, a refund of any deposits made may be eligible for a refund, provided the cancellation is made within 72 hours of making the reservation or appointment. Any cancellation of appointment, service, or reservation done after 72 hours of making said appointment, service or reservation,  will not be eligible for a monetary or cash refund, though management reserves the right to issue a gift card in the amount of deposit paid, at it's sole discretion. Any service, reservation, or appointment cancellation made within 24 hours of date of service, reservation, or appointment will forfeit any and all deposits made. 

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